Why do some people have a good time for 10 years in China?

Thu Jun 09 10:03:41 CST 2022

Why do some people have a good time for 10 years in China?

Dear, although the medium wire cutting is not as delicate as the slow wire cutting, it is not as rough as the fast wire cutting. The working environment of wire cutting; wire cutting machine tools are not suitable for working in dirty and high temperature and humid environments (although constant temperature is not required), and there are also high requirements for the power supply environment of the grid. The power supply voltage fluctuation of wire cutting machine tools cannot exceed ±10%. And the three-phase must be balanced and stable, and the power grid that is too bad must be equipped with a voltage regulator; in addition to the normal maintenance of cleanliness and lubrication, the wire cutting machine must also carefully maintain the following parts:

1. In order to maintain the life of the guide pulley and bearing, the excessively dirty coolant should also be replaced for the intermediate wire cutting guide pulley and bearing. If the intermediate wire cutting machine tool is not turned on for a short time, the guide pulley should be rotated for tens of seconds without water. Clock, so that the dirty water between the guide wheel and the guide wheel sleeve is thrown out. After injecting a small amount of oil, it will rotate for tens of seconds, so that the oil and dirt in the gap will be thrown out. a cleaner state;

2. The on-line cable between the control cabinet and the wire cutting machine should be protected by a cover or plastic plate. It should not be stepped on at will. The cable should be in a loose and free state. Do not crush the corrugated sheath of the cable and flatten it;
3. The guide rail and lead screw of the middle thread cutting must not be contaminated with dirty water and dirt. Once it is stained with dirt, it should be wiped with clean cotton yarn and then rubbed with absorbent cotton 10# engine oil;

4. The console (cabinet) of the wire cutting machine tool should be handledwith care when moving, and the oily hands should not insert or pull out the touch plug-in or keyboard;

5. Couplings and keys on the spool shaft of the wire cutting machine tool and the motor should always be in a tight and secure fit. Once the keys are loose and the coupling slams, the coupling should be replaced immediately. After a long time of reversing with clearance, the keyway on the shaft will be deformed and enlarged. Always pay attention to keep the conductive block in good conduction and insulation state from the bed, the pad on the workbench must be insulated from the bed, the drag wire of the stepper motor should be in a free state, and the stepper motor should ensure that no dirty water is immersed. ;

6. Any part on the surface of the wire cutting machine should not be knocked or collided, especially the wire frame should not interfere with the bed surface due to overtravel movement, which will seriously damage the parts or precision of the wire cutting machine.