The pitfalls to avoid when the wire cutting machine is in the middle

Thu Jun 09 10:37:53 CST 2022

The pitfalls to avoid when the wire cutting machine is in the middle

The first big trap: The bed of the fast-moving wire is changed to a linear guide, and it is equipped with an electric cabinet with a frequency converter that can repair the knife. the difference.


The second biggest trap: only talk about maximum processing efficiency, not continuous cutting time, any cutting efficiency is of no practical value if it cannot be processed continuously for more than 24 hours. If the wire is changed frequently, it will waste a lot of time, which will directly affect the overall processing quantity in one day! !


The third major trap: only talk about the minimum surface roughness, not how much area can be cut continuously, no matter how good the surface roughness is, if it can’t cut more than 20000mm² continuously without human intervention, it is also of no practical value. Whether it can reach Ra≤1.0um/30000mm.


The fourth major trap: only talk about the machining accuracy of a single small size, but never talk about the stability or consistency accuracy of continuous cutting of more than 30 pieces, when continuous batch processing of a dozen or even dozens of the same parts, the Consistency is particularly important. Note that the continuous processing mentioned here means that operations such as artificial detection and compensation of molybdenum wire diameter are not allowed; whether the index can be achieved, the consistency size error is ≤ 0.005mm/30 pieces; never talk about skipping accuracy , Ordinary stepper motors can never achieve micron-level accuracy.

    Fifth trap:
It only talks about the processing thickness, but does not talk about the longitudinal size error of the upper, middle and lower positions. When the thickness of the upper, middle and lower positions is processed more than 100mm, the size of the upper, middle and lower positions is very likely to produce a "waist drum" shape error. The longitudinal dimension error is less than or equal to 0.01/100 mm.

    The sixth trap:
It only talks about the cutting quality of the wire cutting machine tool, but never talks about the dependence on the skills of the operator. No matter how good the processing quality of the wire cutting machine tool is, if it must rely on the personal skills of the operator, such a wire cutting machine can only be achieved. If it can be a low-end machine, it can save 2 to 3 people's wages a month, at least 5,000! ! What a year! ! )

The seventh major trap: the speed of the wire running in the servo is faster, and the others are meaningless. If you want to run the wire in the servo, you will increase the price difference and install a servo motor for you. The real servo motor application conditions are relatively harsh. Motor drive requires professionals to buy a machine tool and do a lot of optimization and testing to achieve the best state. It involves hundreds of parameters, etc. It is definitely not as simple as changing a servo motor.

The eighth major trap: the so-called full-closed loop wire travel, there are some so-called full-closed loop wire travel on the market. The bar can guarantee high-precision cutting without precision requirements, and Zhejiang Mouqi, Moumeng, etc. are known as fully closed-loop wire feeding. Using the Spanish Fagor system, we know that a real high-precision grating ruler is worth more than 10,000 yuan. The price of a grating ruler within 0.005μm is expensive. The price of a medium wire feeder is only about 100,000 yuan. This manufacturing cost is uncontrollable, so this fully closed-loop wire feeder is just a gimmick.

The ninth major trap: Linear motors or even magnetic levitation motors have recently come out on the market. This is even more ridiculous. In recent years, high-precision linear motors have only been used on slow wires with millions of prices. The cost of using one shaft is about It is tens of thousands of dollars in size, and it needs to be equipped with a high-precision grating ruler. This manufacturing cost cannot be afforded by the medium wire.

The tenth trap: some brands claim to replace slow silk and subvert slow silk. This needs no explanation. It is a joke like buying a Porsche supercar for 100,000 yuan. Everyone knows it.

Last but not least, the power consumption of the device! !

If the equipment with the same price and the same performance, the power consumption is also a very serious thing. If the power consumption is too high, then a month or a year will be a lot of expenses! ! The real low energy consumption should be able to reach the above indicators again, and it needs a voltage of 220 negative and about 3500 watts, which is equivalent to the power consumption of one or two batches of air conditioners, so that the overall performance of the equipment is low! If the comprehensive indicators such as the above-mentioned accuracy cannot be achieved, the equipment with low consumption will be meaningless! !