Not all wire cutting can be called slow wire

Thu Jun 09 10:36:44 CST 2022

Not all wire cutting can be called slow wire

Improved machining accuracy

The generation of multiple cutting technology has fundamentally improved the precision and surface quality of slow wire processing. The rough workpiece can be obtained by one cut, the dimensional accuracy can be improved by the second cut, and the surface quality of the workpiece can be improved by three or more cuts. In some special parts such as corners, in order to further improve the cutting accuracy, people have come up with strategies such as dynamic corner processing.

Coupled with the improvement of hardware capabilities such as the loop accuracy, mechanical accuracy, pulse power accuracy, and servo control accuracy of the wire-feeding machine tool, with the support of these software and hardware, the precision of the wire-feeding machine has reached a very high level. Reaching the order of 1 micron, the tool setting accuracy can reach 2 microns, and it will not cause damage to the workpiece in both dry and wet environments.

Using the slow-moving wire processing technology, the processing of thick workpieces and the micro-finishing accuracy of small rounded corners, narrow slits, narrow grooves and fine parts can be fully guaranteed.

Perfect surface quality

The advanced slow wire processing machine adopts the non-electrolysis-proof pulse power supply with zero average voltage, and the damage of electrolysis has been reduced to a minimum. In addition, due to the improvement of the pulse power supply, the high peak value and the narrow pulse width of microsecond are generally used, and most of the materials are thrown out of the gas phase, which takes away a lot of heat, so the surface temperature of the workpiece is well controlled, cracking The phenomenon is greatly reduced, not only the processing efficiency is high, but also the surface quality is more perfect.

The use of electroless power supply for slow wire EDM wire cutting can control the thickness of the surface metamorphic layer below 2 microns. Compared with the traditional grinding process, the cutting edge of the carbide die obtained by the slow wire processing has no difference in wear resistance, and is even better than the former. Therefore, more and more parts processing is undergoing a process change of "replacing grinding with cutting".
Processing efficiency improvement

Slow wire processing benefits from the emergence of nanosecond high peak current pulse power supply technology, and the continuous development and application of detection, control, anti-interference and other technologies, so the processing efficiency has been significantly improved.

At present, the highest efficiency of slow wire processing can reach a cutting area of 500 square millimeters per minute, which has obvious advantages for the processing of thick workpieces. In addition, this equipment also has the function of automatic threading and automatic detection. The automatic threading can control the threading time within 15 seconds, and the automatic detection function can detect the thickness of the workpiece, automatically adjust the processing parameters, prevent wire breakage, and achieve the highest processing efficiency in this state.

Compared with other processing methods, the slow wire-feeding process can save about 30% to 50% of the processing time.

The development of automation, intelligence and informatization

In the process of processing, it is an irreversible development trend to introduce the achievements of automation, intelligence and informatization to reduce the intervention of human factors. The complete process expert system of the slow wire processing machine can give a complete set of parameters according to the processing requirements.

This set of parameters not only includes common electrode wire grades and corresponding workpiece materials, but also provides processing parameters for special materials such as PCD, PCBN, etc., which can be determined according to the distance between the upper and lower nozzles, whether it is in contact with the workpiece, and where it is refined, etc. Requirements, and priorities for accuracy, surface finish, and efficiency, generate individual specifications.

The Putian expert system can realize the adaptive control strategy and automatic control function of the processing process, calmly cope with various random factors, and obtain the stable and efficient processing effect of continuous wire. In addition, there are automatic non-hole detection function, CNC intelligent manufacturing system, automatic electrode wire exchange technology, etc., all of which provide a guarantee for the automatic completion of the processing process.

In the process of processing, it is an irreversible development trend to introduce the achievements of automation, intelligence and informatization to reduce the intervention of human factors.