A ten-year-old master tells you, why the mainstream of China's wire cutting industry is "middle wire"?

Wed Jun 08 17:12:01 CST 2022

A ten-year-old master tells you, why the mainstream of China's wire cutting industry is "middle wire"?

1.At present, China's wire-cutting industry can be said to be in the form of "separate control of the heroes". There are many well-known EDM machine tool manufacturers, and there are also some concentrated wire-cutting machine tool industry clusters. However, why does China's wire-cutting industry always take "middle wire" as the mainstream?

Why is the mainstream of China's wire cutting industry "middle wire"?

From the bottom of the heart of a wire-cutting machine tool master who has been in business for ten years: "Although there are many related companies doing wire-cutting in China, they always regard "middle wire cutting" as the mainstream."

He said: "People in the industry should know that wire cutting can be roughly divided into three categories-slow wire, medium wire and fast wire. Among them, slow wire has the highest technology content (highest processing accuracy), which also means it The research and development cost of the wire cutting machine will be higher than that of the other two kinds of wire cutting machine tools. Correspondingly, the price of the machine tool produced is also higher. In other words, the cost of using the slow wire cutting machine is the most expensive among these three types of wire cutting machine tools. Really small! Therefore, most wire-cutting companies can only "get the second best" and choose domestic medium wire machine tools. Of course, except for some high-precision manufacturing companies, because their products require them to'non-slow wire' Don't choose'."
The machine tool master also said, "If you go fast, although its price is the cheapest among these three wire-cutting machines, its machining accuracy is relatively low. Even if its cutting speed is fast, this is not possible. Meet the precision machining needs of domestic related companies!"

He finally said: "For a medium-wire wire cutting machine tool, whether it is cutting speed, processing accuracy, or price, it is in the middle level, so most companies will choose it. Specifically, in fact, the cutting speed of the medium-wire machine tool is not the same. It is not slower than the fast-moving wire machine, but higher than the fast-moving wire. It is just that the middle-wire machine reduces the cutting speed during the repeated cutting process to achieve the cutting purpose. In addition, the processing quality of the medium-wire machine tends to be slow. It reduces the error caused by material deformation and molybdenum wire loss through multiple cuttings, and the processing quality of the workpiece is relatively improved, which is between the fast-moving wire and the slow-moving wire. Therefore, at present, from the perspective of China's market situation, China Go Wire-cutting machine tools, without a doubt, occupy the mainstream position!"
What is medium wire cutting?

The so-called medium wire WEDM is the common name of the medium wire electric discharge wire cutting machine (MS-WEDM), which realizes multiple cutting functions on the high-speed reciprocating wire electric discharge wire cutting machine. "Middle wire" can be used to process complex cavities and curved shapes of various conductors, such as precision parts, molds, electrodes, cemented carbide, quenched steel, structural steel, titanium alloys, and diamonds.

What is wire-cut molybdenum wire?

As mentioned above, the middle wire can reduce the error caused by material deformation and molybdenum wire loss through multiple cuts. What is the molybdenum wire used for?

The molybdenum wire here is the thin metal wire (electrode wire) that continuously moves when the workpiece is processed by the wire cutting machine, which can perform pulse discharge erosion and cut metal forming on the processed workpiece. This molybdenum wire has the characteristics of high strength, fast cutting speed, long service life, good discharge performance, and high surface finish. Molybdenum wire can be used as a wire-cut electrode wire for cutting various non-ferrous metals, steel and magnetic materials, and there are many other uses.

Wire cut molybdenum wire

Having said that, as far as the current situation is concerned, the middle wire has a certain survival space due to its simple structure, high processing accuracy, low price and long service life. However, in the future, as the demand for product diversification from all walks of life becomes stronger and stronger, can the middle wire using traditional processing equipment still meet the requirements of diversified, high-efficiency, and high-quality processing? At that time, will the slow-moving wire, which is subject to development due to its higher price and relatively difficult R&D, become the mainstream wire cutting of the new generation?