7 tricks to teach you to choose a suitable medium wire cutting

Thu Jun 09 09:37:10 CST 2022

7 tricks to teach you to choose a suitable medium wire cutting

At present, the wire cutting market is full of all kinds of medium wire cutting products, with prices ranging from more than 20,000 to hundreds of thousands; many low-end manufacturers change their product names, and the price can vary by tens of thousands or even more, which is extremely unreasonable. Reasonable, as far as the same manufacturer is concerned, the cost of wire-feeding and fast wire-feeding in production will only increase by a few thousand at most. There has not been much change, but since we are talking about the thread, it is still worth exploring in terms of functions and configurations.

1. There are corresponding national standards and industry standards for making a CNC equipment. At present, since there is no national directory for the Chinese silk thread, there is no special corresponding standard, and many of them are some regulations of the enterprise itself, which is one-sided. Before there are no relevant national standards, this type of machine tool must at least meet the relevant standards of the national wire EDM (reciprocating wire type). If this standard cannot be achieved, let alone wire cutting. It is reported that the relevant national departments are currently formulating the relevant national standards for the cutting of Chinese silk threads.

 2. Multiple cutting function. This is a must-have function of the wire-moving medium. It is useless to say that it is also an essential means for the wire-moving medium to improve the finish. However, due to the limitation of software control, some manufacturers have a limited number of times, which may only be 2~3 times. Although from the perspective of actual use, it is not that the more times the knife is repaired, the better, but the number of times of knife repair is limited due to functional defects. , is this still in the middle of the wire?

3. In terms of mechanical configuration, the general manufacturers of the bed use castings, but the castings are good or bad, which directly affects the rigidity of the bed. The rigidity is not good, and the accuracy is lost. Who wants a machine tool with poor accuracy or accuracy retention. Not to mention that it also hangs the name of the silk thread. It is still the guide rail and screw in the transmission mechanism. The linear guide and ball screw should be the standard configuration of the middle screw, but it should be noted that these accessories need to be made by professional manufacturers, and some low-end manufacturers are doing their own guide and screw , which is unimaginable.

4. Drive: There are two types, one is traditional stepping drive, the other is AC servo drive. Traditional stepper drives (including some manufacturers using hybrid stepper motors to pretend to be servo motors) are open-loop control, and the price advantage is obvious when the precision requirements are not high. The other is AC servo drive, which is currently widely used in international precision CNC machine tools, and is also a trend in the development of domestic CNC machine tools. This category is generally referred to as closed-loop control. For AC servo-controlled drives, if the control software does not have the pitch compensation function, its advantages will be greatly reduced, and more money will be spent. It is better to use stepper drives to save money. (Comparison of stepper drive and AC servo drive, you can Baidu by yourself).

5. Digital intelligent high-frequency and expert database, which is a necessary standard configuration for medium wire cutting. In the programming interface, the processing parameters can be arbitrarily selected and equipped with a parameter library, that is, the preset processing parameters can be called or used last time. processing parameters. For suitable parameters can be stored at any time. Not all manufacturers can achieve this. Some so-called intermediate wire processing parameters are added later, and there are only these so-called databases, which are preset by manufacturers at the factory, and customers cannot add them by themselves. The digital intelligent high frequency should be controlled by software. It can intelligently adjust the high frequency discharge energy to meet the processing needs according to the actual processing situation. You can only ask the manufacturer when purchasing the middle wire. What is the high frequency? It can be controlled by any software.

6. The constant tension function, in fact, the so-called constant tension mechanism used in the wire cutting machine tool has been used in the early years. It is nothing more than a spring or a heavy hammer. It is realized by mechanical force. In fact, it does not make much sense to add or not to add this method. Because when the molybdenum wire consumption becomes thinner, if this force is not adjusted in time, it will only bring about side effects - the frequency of wire breakage will increase. Just imagine that in our actual work, who will often adjust it according to the condition of the molybdenum wire? , and by what standard to adjust it. Therefore, if the tension system is to be installed on the middle wire, it is necessary to choose the bidirectional servo constant tension system that can be intelligently controlled.

 7. Wire consumption, this is actually a relatively critical issue. This indicator directly affects the precision and finish of the products processed by the wire feeder. Just imagine, if the wire consumption is too large and uncontrollable, how to set the trimming parameters for the middle thread, so that it will either not be repaired, or it will be repaired, and the finish will be reduced, so it is better not to repair the knife. In this way, the wire consumption is large, and the repairing area of the medium wire cutting tool will be reduced, which is why most of the medium cutting wire cutting in the market has a small area that can be repaired. It has reached the effect of 500,000 square meters of loss of 1 wire.

The last thing to say is that many manufacturers of intermediate wire travel will talk about a certain point or their own understanding when introducing, for example, the intermediate wire must be a C-type structure, the double cantilever structure is a fast wire, and so on to mislead us. consumers, which is ridiculous. In a word, as buyers, we understand the performances that must be possessed by the WEDM, understand the situation of the manufacturer, and purchase the suitable WEDM products from the perspective of demand.