7 points that you must read when choosing a middle wire WEDM machine

Wed Jun 08 15:55:02 CST 2022

7 points that you must read when choosing a middle wire WEDM machine

In this era of competitive incentives, the brands of medium-wire wire-cutting machine tools can be said to be endless, and the prices vary greatly. To purchase a cost-effective medium-wire wire-cutting machine tool, you can refer to the following points:

1. Cutting accuracy: No need to waste pen and ink. Everyone knows that it is very important. Of course, the higher the accuracy, the better.

2. Cutting finish: Subject to no line marks, the general finish is below 1.5um.

3. Whether the hanging table has a knife line mark: This is very important for the middle wire, which directly affects the use effect of the cut product. For example, when the metal mold punches a plate with a thickness of 0.5mm or less, there will be obvious burrs. If it is a plastic mold, the glue will leak and the mold will be scrapped! Most of the middle wire on the market cannot meet this requirement due to the defective design of the electrical cabinet. Therefore, please compare carefully when choosing! To avoid huge losses to you. In general, due to the poor structural stability of the fuselage, the fuselage has not undergone aging treatment, and even the tempering process is omitted. The poor stability of the molybdenum wire operation will lead to inconsistent finishes on the X and Y axes.
4. Whether the smoothness in X and Y directions are the same: Y direction is obviously worse than X direction, which can not achieve the desired effect, thus affecting the accuracy of cutting.

5. Whether the surface finish of the cutting taper is consistent with the straight surface: This has little effect on the cutting and blanking of metal molds and avoiding the air, but it is especially important for plastic molds!

6. Do you need to tighten the wires frequently during the operation of the middle wire wire cutting machine: This is very important for the consistency of accuracy, because the tightness of the molybdenum wire is different, the cut size is different, and the finish is also very different. If you cut A pair of molds requires several times of wire, and the precision of the cut can also be imagined.

7. Whether the electrical part of the wire cutting machine tool is designed separately from the machine tool: this has a great impact on the service life of the machine tool. Because the working environment of the wire cutting is very harsh, the working fluid is relatively corrosive, and water is easy to enter the machine tool. , So that the electrical failure rate is not high, electrical aging is easy.