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Guangdong Xinleiting CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.

Xinleiting CNC equipment was established in 2014. In 1999, the company provided equipment machine tools, fuselages, control cabinets, etc. to help major domestic brands. We have 20 years of technical experience in the CNC wire-cut EDM machine tool industry. Our technology is ahead of other Chinese manufacturers. We have updated many times according to the customer’s usage to ensure the stability in use and the durability of the equipment. The equipment adopts many intelligent equipment, which greatly reduces the cost of the equipment, and our pricing is also low. Among other manufacturers, our sales volume in China far exceeds that of other manufacturers. At present, we have two large factories in China that can independently complete the entire set of equipment. Currently, the company has 500 employees and 56 Chinese agents are located in major industrial cities in China. .